“Picking Up The Pieces” by Eckman & Borelius

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Step into a world of tranquility and introspection with Eckman & Borelius’ debut album, “Picking Up The Pieces”. This captivating collection of songs invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resonance, guided by the soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics of Johan Eckman and Tobias Borelius. From the opening notes of “Feet Back On The Ground”, the album sets a contemplative tone, gently coaxing listeners out of their hiding places and promising to accompany them through life’s ups and downs. With its nostalgic 70s ballad vibe, this track serves as the perfect introduction to the duo’s musical landscape.



As the album unfolds, we are treated to a diverse array of musical experiences. “Sleepless Knights” picks up the tempo, inviting listeners into the land of pop with its infectious energy and catchy melody. Yet, beneath the upbeat exterior lies a poignant message about finding the silver linings in life’s struggles. “Into The Light” takes a nostalgic trip back to the forests of Värmland, where unrequited youthful love leaves a lasting mark on the narrator’s life. The song evokes a fairy tale-like quality, transporting listeners to a place of whimsy and wonder. “Circumstances” draws inspiration from real-life encounters, weaving together stories of chance meetings and unexpected connections. Set against a backdrop of haunting melodies and intricate instrumentation, the song invites listeners to reflect on the mysteries of fate and destiny. “Waking Up Is Easy” serves as a moment of respite, offering a brief reprieve from the emotional intensity of the album. With its gentle melody and lighthearted lyrics, the song reminds us that sometimes, even in the darkest moments, there is beauty to be found.

“Not Your Fault” delves into the complexities of relationships, presenting a nuanced dialogue between two individuals with differing perspectives on the future. What begins as a simple verse and chorus evolves into a captivating duet, highlighting the duo’s vocal chemistry and storytelling prowess. Through “Picking Up The Pieces”, Eckman & Borelius invite listeners to embrace vulnerability, confront their fears, and ultimately find solace in the beauty of human connection. With its heartfelt lyrics, soothing melodies, and genuine sincerity, this album is a testament to the healing power of music. So, take a moment to pause, breathe, and let the music of Eckman & Borelius carry you to a place of peace and tranquility.

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