Wotts Unfolds ‘Laundry’: A Fresh Spin on Indie Anthems

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Wotts, the indie pop duo from Ottawa, released their new single, “Laundry.” This song is the start of their new EP, “Good People, Bad People”. Wotts’ song “Laundry” shows their love for post-punk and indie music, inspired by famous bands like Fontaines D.C. and The Horrors. But they don’t just replicate those bands; they make their own sound. “Laundry” shows Wotts can try new things while still sounding like themselves, which is what makes their music different from the others.

Jayem produced “Laundry” with a lot of heart, making it a relatable and genuine song that connects with fans of the genre and others too. Their previous song, “There,” was a piano ballad that showed the influence of famous songwriters Lennon and McCartney. It’s obvious that Wotts is inspired by UK music, which had a big impact on their music career. Wotts is getting ready for a busy summer with new music and videos. He promises a blend of new sounds and familiar vibes. Their last EP, “Petals,” told stories, and now they want to unify their different sounds into a consistent style.

Wotts has performed at big festivals like RBC Bluesfest and Canadian Music Week and has been praised by important music organizations like CBC Radio and The Luna Collective. With their new song “Laundry,” they’re inviting listeners to come along on a musical adventure and promising even more exciting music in the future. Join Wotts on a musical journey where each song tells a story. Their new song “Laundry” is just the start of an exciting adventure. Get ready to explore their world of music!

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