“Pisces Pie” by Odelet one of my favorite

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“Pisces Pie” by Odelet is a delectable musical feast comprising eleven tantalizing tracks, each offering a unique flavor and texture that delights the senses. The titular track sets the tone for the album with its smooth, laid-back vibe and hypnotic rhythms. Odelet’s sultry vocals glide effortlessly over the groovy beats, drawing listeners into her sonic world. “Supreme” exudes confidence and swagger, with Odelet delivering powerful vocals over a funky backdrop of bass and drums. The song’s infectious energy is impossible to resist, making it an instant favorite. With its infectious rhythm and catchy hooks, “Ten Tons” is a certified banger that will have listeners grooving along from start to finish. Odelet’s dynamic vocals shine bright, adding depth and emotion to the track. “Paired” slows things down with its lush instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics. Odelet’s emotive delivery tugs at the heartstrings, creating a poignant moment of introspection and vulnerability.


“Mesh” is a sonic tapestry of intricate melodies and hypnotic beats. Odelet’s ethereal vocals float effortlessly over the dreamy soundscape, transporting listeners to a world of pure sonic bliss. True to its name, “Unique” stands out with its infectious energy and infectious melodies. Odelet’s smooth vocals glide over the funky groove, creating a feel-good anthem that is impossible to resist. “Cinderella” is a soulful ballad that showcases Odelet’s vocal prowess and storytelling ability. The stripped-down instrumentation allows her emotive delivery to take center stage, creating a deeply moving listening experience. “Six of Cups” captivates with its lush production and infectious hooks. Odelet’s soulful vocals soar over the shimmering instrumentation, creating a euphoric atmosphere that envelops the listener.

“Whole” is a heartfelt ode to love and connection, with Odelet’s emotive vocals shining brightly against a backdrop of lush instrumentation. The song’s uplifting message resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression. “Eclectic” is a sonic journey through Odelet’s eclectic musical palette, with its diverse instrumentation and dynamic arrangements. Her versatile vocals effortlessly navigate the twists and turns of the track, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish. Closing out the album on a high note, “Carousel” is a mesmerizing blend of lush harmonies and infectious rhythms. Odelet’s enchanting vocals draw listeners into the song’s hypnotic groove, leaving them wanting more.  “Pisces Pie” is a masterful showcase of Odelet’s talent and creativity, offering a diverse array of songs that are sure to delight fans of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop alike. With its infectious beats, soulful vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, this album is a true musical treat from start to finish.

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