Resonant Journeys, The Musical Mastery of Workman, Benjamini, and Even Zur

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“Workman: Benjamini Even Zur” is a captivating blend of original compositions and reimagined classics, showcasing the remarkable synergy between Reggie Workman, Alon Benjamini, and Asaf Even Zur. The album kicks off with “Is That So,” a contemplative piece that sets a reflective mood with Reggie Workman’s resonant bass leading the way. Alon Benjamini’s guitar weaves intricate melodies while Asaf Even Zur’s drums provide a steady heartbeat, creating a rich tapestry of sound.


“Negev” takes listeners on a sonic journey through the Israeli desert, evoking images of vast landscapes and endless horizons. The trio’s improvisational skills shine here, as they effortlessly navigate through shifting rhythms and melodic motifs, painting a vivid musical portrait. “Effi” injects a dose of energy and vitality into the album with its lively groove and infectious rhythm. Reggie Workman’s bass lines are dynamic and propulsive, driving the song forward with a sense of urgency. Alon Benjamini’s guitar work adds layers of complexity, while Asaf Even Zur’s drumming provides a solid foundation for the trio’s explorations. “In The Garden of The Giant” is a sprawling epic that showcases the trio’s versatility and range. From moments of serene beauty to bursts of intense emotion, the song unfolds like a musical odyssey, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its intricate melodies and evocative textures. “Equinox” pays homage to the jazz tradition with a soulful rendition of the classic John Coltrane tune. Reggie Workman’s deep, resonant bass anchors the track, while Alon Benjamini and Asaf Even Zur add their own unique flourishes, breathing new life into the timeless melody.

“Trialogue” is a playful and dynamic exploration of musical dialogue, with each member of the trio contributing their own distinct voice to the conversation. The song is a testament to the trio’s improvisational prowess and their ability to communicate and connect on a deep musical level. Closing out the album is “Redmond,” a poignant and introspective ballad that serves as a fitting conclusion to the journey. Reggie Workman’s emotive bass playing sets the tone, while Alon Benjamini and Asaf Even Zur provide delicate accompaniment, bringing the album to a poignant and heartfelt close.  “Workman: Benjamini Even Zur” is a masterful showcase of the trio’s collective talent and creativity. Each song is a testament to their skill as musicians and their ability to create music that is both captivating and deeply emotive. It is a must-listen for jazz aficionados and music lovers alike.

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